Best Recurve Bow Silencers

Unless you’ve really gotten into hunting or shooting with a recurve bow you probably haven’t heard of these. Yet a recurve bow silencer is an interesting little tool that can reduce sound by an enormous amount.

Very important if you’re forced to take a long shot on some very fast prey. People love to bow hunt deer, but deer can react quickly and leap away at a loud sound. There are even deer with a reputation for dodging incoming arrows.

You need every fraction of a second to get off that perfect shot.

Anything that reduces the sound of the bow string snapping back into place or the sound of the arrow being shot from your bow can give you those critical fractions of a second you’ll need to make sure that shot hits home.

This is where recurve bow silencers come into play for the dedicated bow hunters.

How Do Recurve Bow Silencers Work?

Recurve bow silencers are fantastic tools for serious hunters. These clever devices are designed to minimize the noise made when you take your shot. How does it work?

Wood Recurve Hunting Bow

When you release the arrow, the silencer will absorb the vibrations that run throughout your bow. This in return results in a quieter shot, which is extremely important for not scaring off your target.

There are many different kinds of silencers sold for recurve bows. Some are specifically designed for the recurve style while others are universal tools that’ll work on all bow types.

If you enjoy shooting a recurve styled bow, then check out some of the styles listed below. These hunting recurve bow silencers are some of the best choices available today.

Bow SilencerBrief DescriptionAvg CostAvg Rating
two toparchery bow string silencers
Toparchery Otter Hide Bow String Silencers
Top of the line hunting bow silencers – comes in pack of two.$$9.4
sims recurve compound bow silencer
Sims Vibration LimbSaver Recurve Dampeners
Interesting design but these premium sound dampeners work!$$$9.2
recurve bow bowstring silencer in package
Traditional Archery – Recurve Bow Bowstring Groove Silencers
Not premium bow string silencers but very solid option that are the best budget option by far.$8.3
camo bowstring silencers
PRO PACK Camo Whisker Bowstring Silencers
Excellent array of camouflaged hunting bow silencers.$$9.1
OMP recurve bow silencers
OMP Remedy Treatment for Recurve Bow
Solid pair of hunting bow string silencers good in the field.$$+8.5

Toparchery Otter Hide Bow String Silencers

two top archery bow string silencers

This is a great choice for anyone who owns more than one different styled bow. This Toparchery Otter Hide Silencer comes as a universal, 2-piece set.

The two silencers included in this purchase are extremely durable yet made from rabbit fur that’s both really soft and lightweight weight too.

They won’t weigh your bow down even slightly. You’ll really appreciate this on those long distance hunting trips.

In addition to the impressive design, these silencers are also high-performance products. One attaches near the top of the bow while the other attaches near the bottom end.

When you release the string, they work together to minimize the amount of vibration running through the body of the bow. This results in a much quieter shot and will take your game to the next level.

Another really cool benefit to using these Toparchery bow silencers is that they can protect your string and increase the overall life of it as well. Now, how cool is that?

Constant vibrations can cause your bow string to wear faster than if you were to use a silencer.

In this case, you’ll be using two, one near the top and one near the bottom.

This 2-pack bow hunting silencer package is definitely worth the investment. Give them a try and see for yourself.


  • Reduces noise
  • 2 silencers included with every purchase
  • Made from genuine rabbit fur
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Simply to attach
  • Reduces wear and tear to your bow string


  • You may need an extra set of hands to attach these to your bow string

Sims Vibration LimbSaver Recurve Dampeners  

sims vibration recurve bow silencer

These recurve bow silencers also come in a pair and definitely do a great job silencing the noise when you shoot.

The secret is in the NOVCOM technology, and boy does this technology work.

These things will minimize vibrations anywhere in the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Not only will you enjoy a quieter shot, you’ll also enjoy a much smoother one too.

Installing these two silencers is not a hassle at all. In fast, this can be done in minutes and with minimal effort. The best part is that once you install them, you’ll immediately also notice how lightweight they really are. Let’s face it. The last thing you want to do is weigh down your bow.

This can be hard on both your shoulders and your back. Plus, it can also effect your shot. When you attach these recurve bow silencers, you’ll barely know you have them on.

If you enjoy hunting in all kinds of weather, then you’ll be happy to know that these LimbSaver silencers are really durable and can withstand both cold and wet environments.

They’ll even help extend the life of your bowstring too. Anybody interested in a quality pair of silencers for their recurve bow should check these devices out.


  • Utilizes NOVCOM technology
  • Shots are quiet and smooth
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used in all kinds of weather conditions
  • You’ll receive 2 silencers with each purchase
  • Hand-made here in America
  • Weighs 0.3 ounces


  • Maybe quieter on some recurved bows in comparison to others

Traditional Archery – Recurve Bow Bowstring Groove Silencers

budget bowstring silencers in bag

Now this recurve bow silencer is different than the last two but definitely still a great choice.

What you have here is a soft, cushiony, piece of leather that sticks on the frame of your bow.

When you release the bowstring, it’ll slap against this leather reducing the vibrations.

This in return minimize the sound from your shot.

When you invest in these silencers, you’ll receive 2 with each purchase. One goes on the upper portion of the bow and the other on the lower portion. They’re that easy to attach.

You simply apply the adhesive that’s included, set them, and give them a little bit to dry. That’s it. You don’t even have to detach the bowstring to do this.

Another great benefit to using these leather silencers is their durability. These strips of leather are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

That includes sleet, snow, rain, and extreme temperatures. They even are available in three different colors for your satisfaction, brown, tan, and black.


  • Silences your shots better than many styles sold today
  • Each purchase includes 2 pieces, one for the top of the bow, and one for the bottom
  • Choose between three available colors, black, tan, and brown
  • Silencers are made from tough, durable leather
  • Powerful adhesive included with each purchase
  • Easy to attach to both the upper and lower portions of your bow


  • Adhesive maybe too strong / hard to remove the strips if you don’t get it right the first time

PRO PACK Camo Whisker Bowstring Silencers

group of green bowstring silencers

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive recurve bow silencer, then this set of whisker bowstring silencers is a great choice.

Not only do you get a pack of 12 with each purchase, they’re all really easy to tie to your bow, and they work really well too.

This is a great deal you just don’t want to pass up.

Another great thing about this 12-pack of bowstring silencers is that they’re all multi-camo colored.

This mean you can create unique camo patterns and personalize your recurved bow to your liking.

Not many other kinds of silencers give you this freedom.

The rubber design is another quality that needs to be noted. This soft and flexible construction is lightweight, durable, and really reduces the noise of your shots.

These rubber bow silencers also work wonderfully in all kinds of weather conditions. In fact, rubber silencers tend to work the best in the wettest environments.


  • 12 pieces in each pack
  • Multi-camo colored silencers
  • Lightweight / won’t weigh your bow down
  • Takes seconds to install and use
  • Perfect for wet conditions
  • Extremely quiet
  • Made from a real durable rubber


  • Package include no extra serving string
  • No instructions/directions for beginners

OMP Remedy Treatment for Recurve Bow

two bow string silencers

The really cool thing about these two silencers is that they do a lot more than just silence your bow.

They can also help you increase your consistency, increase the speed at which your bowstring springs back, and they can help minimize string oscillation too.

These recurve bow silencers are a multi-beneficial accessory you definitely want to think about adding to your collection.

Installing these OMP silencers is also pretty simple. Just like with many of the others, one attaches to the top of your bow while the other attaches to the lower part.

Once attached, you’ll see your hunting skills improve in no time. You’ll shoot more accurately, and you’ll do it that much more quietly too.

Another great thing about using these OMP recurve bow silencers is the lack of hand shock you’ll feel when you shoot.

Most bow silencers sold today will reduce hand shock to some extent, but the built-in string grooves basically eliminate the shock all together.

They really make shooting your recurve bow an absolute pleasure.


  • Minimal string oscillation
  • Reduces hand shock due to vibrations
  • One of the quietest silencers on the market
  • Works on all kinds of recurve bows
  • Easy to install
  • Each purchase includes a pair of silencers
  • Attaches with a really tough 3M adhesive


  • Adhesive doesn’t adhere well on some particular bows

What Should You Look For in a Quality Recurve Bow Silencer?

One of the main qualities you’ll want to look for in a bow silencer is its ability to actually silence the vibrations that run through your bow after each shot.

Although all the products listed here work great, soft and fuzzy silencers in addition to one made from rubber tend to have the best track record.

The best thing you can do is to read what other users have said about the silencer in the review section of the product you’re interested in.

Another thing you may want to think about is investing in a universal bow silencer. Most avid bow hunters own more than one kind of bow. If you fit this description, then why wouldn’t you want a silencer that’d work on all your bows?

Deer are faster than arrows. That’s just a fact, and so you need that sound reduction to ramp up your choices

It’s important to remember though, if you do invest in a universal bow silencer, make sure you buy one that doesn’t use adhesive to attach.

Attaching and removing the silencer in this situation can be pretty much impossible.

In Conclusion

There are several really fantastic bow string silencers out there. This is our list of the best options out there. From premium to on an extremely tight budget, we looked for the silencers that will deliver the way you want.

For those devoted bow hunters looking for a little extra edge, these could be the solution that you are looking for.