How Effective Is Snake Proof Clothing?

Most people are scared of either spiders or snakes and rare is the person very scared of both or of neither. Weird how it works that way, but I’m willing to admit which side of that argument I fall on: I’m terrified of snakes. Almost stepping on a big rattler when you’re 8 will do …

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Can You Get Paracord Wet?

green paracord

There are so many questions about paracord and it’s easy to understand considering that this is such a versatile and useful survival material. One of the most frequent questions I see after whether or not paracord will stretch is whether or not paracord will shrink if you expose it to water. There does seem to …

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Can a Shotgun Take Down a Bear?

roaring grizzly bear

One of the topics that came up when I was first moving to Alaska was what type of firearm I could carry around for safety’s sake. Especially what type of “bear gun” I needed to be carrying for that worst case scenario. At the end I went with two (not to mention the bear spray) …

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Finding Your Ideal Backpacking Saw: Know Your Options

Nordic pocket saw for survival

Finding the right outdoor gear is important before any expedition. This is true whether you are camping, backpacking, or gearing up for a wilderness survival adventure to challenge your skills. Having the right gear is crucial, and that includes having versatile multi-tools that can help you out of a lot of situations in a pinch …

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Do Climbing Tree Stands Damage Trees?

standalone deer hunting stand

Protecting the great outdoors is a natural reaction when you spend so much time in nature whether camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just simply enjoying what the natural world has to offer. Tree strands are a major part of hunting, especially deer hunting. That being said, there are some concerns that tree stands can damage …

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What Are Colored Flashlight Lenses Used for?

blue flashlight in woods at night

While most people just use a regular flashlight without filters, there are specific situations where it makes more sense to have a colored filter or lens to change the color of the light. Blue flashlight lenses and red flashlight lenses are the most common, but green is also sometimes used. Colored flashlight lenses are used …

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