How to Clean a Smelly Tent

two guys camping out

Camping is an amazing experience and one of my favorite hobbies. My family has camped for as long as I can remember, and sometimes for weeks or months on end when traveling. And the end of a whole family sleeping in a tent for weeks on end…the tent can carry some odors. That’s for sure. …

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Is it Safe to Start a Fire with Gasoline?

big bon fire at night

The joke that was already decades old by the time I hit my early camping years in the late 1980s/early 1990s was when it doubt, use “Scout Water” to get that fire going. Scout Water was, of course, gasoline, and yeah, that’s one way to start a bon fire. But is it really a safe …

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Is it Illegal to Start a Fire with Gasoline?

red metal gas can

Starting a fire with gasoline…it’s a life choice we don’t recommend. Obvious safety concerns aside, is it actually legal, though? This is a question that is generally fairly easy to answer but there are some important considerations to get the answer you want. Generally it is not illegal to start a fire with gasoline, assuming …

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How Hot Is Too Hot to Camp?

dead tree in desert

Having spent many many months of my life camping when temperatures decided to slam into the mid to high 90’s, camping in hot weather is no stranger to me. Add in daily hikes in Austin Texas for two years where the mercury could climb into the triple digits pretty easily (and early) in summer and …

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7 Snake Bite Treatment Myths Debunked

rattlesnake pencil sketching

There are many different beliefs when it comes to treating a venomous snake bite. The problem is when it comes to first aid I don’t want belief, I want accurate information and training on how to treat an injury or try to save a life. Unfortunately there are many harmful myths that exist around how …

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How to Survive a Bear Attack: What You Need to Know

roaring grizzly

One of the most important things you can do when hiking bear country is to be prepared and be aware. While the overwhelming majority of bears don’t want anything to do with people, there are bear attack incidents every year. Understanding how to handle yourself if you’re in this unlucky situation can be the difference …

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