How Do I Protect My Chickens from Snakes?

snake fencing keeping rattlesnake out

No chicken owner is a fan of snakes. The coldblooded reptiles aren’t only scary and slithery, but they also kill chickens and feast on their eggs. If you don’t have proper protection for your coop, the snakes may spread a sense of fear among the chickens, and the eggs will be at risk. So, how …

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What Are the 5 C’s of Bushcraft?

Basic bushcraft gear

There’s no question that the popularity of learning survival skills, bushcraft, and even off the grid living have really taken off in recent years. Whether it’s getting away from the stresses of life, creating your dream piece of property away from the hustle & bustle, or prepping for if/when SHTF, picking up bushcraft skills is …

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Can a Windmill Work for an Off the Grid Cabin?

wind turbine on house

Everyone dreams of living that quite, off the grid life but it remains a distant dream for most. It’s not easy. The simple necessities of modern life which we take for granted, especially in cities, quickly emerge as one of the biggest obstacles. One of the most common issues is availability of energy. You can …

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