What Are the Different Sizes of Paracord?

green paracord

Paracord has an interesting history, and is an example of something that started out with one use but because of its versatility continued to thrive in others. Since parachute cord, aka paracord, was developed in the military in total there are six officially recognized sizes of paracord: 95 cord, 275 cord, 325 cord, 425 cord, …

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How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping: 10 Helpful Tips

portable generator at campsite

Feeling excited about your upcoming camping getaway? This is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from everyday stress, reconnect with nature, bond with your friends, and actually learn to enjoy the current moment, away from all the obligations that constantly bug you. While camping represents a chance to ditch technology, there are many benefits that come …

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What Are the 5 C’s of Bushcraft?

Basic bushcraft gear

There’s no question that the popularity of learning survival skills, bushcraft, and even off the grid living have really taken off in recent years. Whether it’s getting away from the stresses of life, creating your dream piece of property away from the hustle & bustle, or prepping for if/when SHTF, picking up bushcraft skills is …

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Can a Windmill Work for an Off the Grid Cabin?

wind turbine on house

Everyone dreams of living that quite, off the grid life but it remains a distant dream for most. It’s not easy. The simple necessities of modern life which we take for granted, especially in cities, quickly emerge as one of the biggest obstacles. One of the most common issues is availability of energy. You can …

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