What Is The Best Trolling Rod for Walleyes?

Two anglers holding Lake Erie Walleye

Walleyes are some of my favorite fish when it comes to cooking. They’re delicious in the fryer, baked, grilled in foil – walleye is just an incredible tasting fish and if you’re sitting down to a meal with a lot of fresh cooked walleye you’re in for a good time. There’s a reason our family …

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What Are The Best Ways To Ship Fishing Rods?

stack PVC pipe for shipping fishing rods

There are some pretty amazing options for shipping goods, and just how many options you have when sending the perfect gift to a friend, loved one, or family member. When it comes to something like a fishing rod or custom fishing rod, the long shape that doesn’t exactly work well with mail boxes or PO …

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Best Fly Rod Weight for Trout: Beginner’s Guide

old fly fisherman trout fishing

Choosing the right fly rod can seem like a daunting task as you stand in front of twenty different fly rods that look identical. Different prices, weights, pieces, and casting styles all need to be taken into consideration. The most important factor in buying a fly rod is undoubtedly the weight. So before you spend …

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What Is the Best All Around Fly Rod Weight?

fly fishing rod on dock

If you’re new to fly fishing, you’re probably overwhelmed with the details. Most people think fishing is an easy mission. You merely carry your rod, your bait, and you hit the water looking for some fish. When you get closer to the real thing, you understand why that’s a wrong assumption. There are a lot …

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Why Do Fly Reels Clack?

fly fishing reel up close

When you imagine fly fishing, you probably think of a person wading into shallow water, casting a line way out, waiting, and then finally that sweet clicking sound as they bring in a fish. But what is that clicking sound and why is it so ubiquitous to fly fishing? The “click” on a fly reel …

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Do Lake Trout Feed More at Night?

fisherman holding lake trout

Lake trout have long been a favorite of northern anglers and it only takes one or two experiences to figure out why. There are few freshwater fish that taste delicious, grow to giant sizes in the north, and can therefore put up one heck of a challenge when hooked! Many long-timer anglers talk about hitting …

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How to Practice Fly Fishing without Casting

fly fishing shore at sunset

Fly fishing is an incredible way to enjoy the great outdoors while also giving yourself a chance to land a tasty meal. That’s about the definition of a win-win for any enthusiastic angler. While fly fishing is fantastic, it’s also very different from any other type of fishing you probably have experience with. So how …

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