Can Aluminum Foil Catch Fire?

aluminum foil wrapped meal cooking on campfire grill

Aluminum foil really is a crazy remarkable thing when you think about it – and friend to many an avid camper and Boy Scout over the years. A metal that can be made so thin we rip it all the time in the kitchen, and so heat resistant it’s often cool to the touch when …

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How Effective Is Snake Proof Clothing?

Most people are scared of either spiders or snakes and rare is the person very scared of both or of neither. Weird how it works that way, but I’m willing to admit which side of that argument I fall on: I’m terrified of snakes. Almost stepping on a big rattler when you’re 8 will do …

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What Is The Best Trolling Rod for Walleyes?

Two anglers holding Lake Erie Walleye

Walleyes are some of my favorite fish when it comes to cooking. They’re delicious in the fryer, baked, grilled in foil – walleye is just an incredible tasting fish and if you’re sitting down to a meal with a lot of fresh cooked walleye you’re in for a good time. There’s a reason our family …

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What Are The Best Ways To Ship Fishing Rods?

stack PVC pipe for shipping fishing rods

There are some pretty amazing options for shipping goods, and just how many options you have when sending the perfect gift to a friend, loved one, or family member. When it comes to something like a fishing rod or custom fishing rod, the long shape that doesn’t exactly work well with mail boxes or PO …

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Can You Get Paracord Wet?

green paracord

There are so many questions about paracord and it’s easy to understand considering that this is such a versatile and useful survival material. One of the most frequent questions I see after whether or not paracord will stretch is whether or not paracord will shrink if you expose it to water. There does seem to …

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