Can Aluminum Foil Catch Fire?

aluminum foil wrapped meal cooking on campfire grill

Aluminum foil really is a crazy remarkable thing when you think about it – and friend to many an avid camper and Boy Scout over the years. A metal that can be made so thin we rip it all the time in the kitchen, and so heat resistant it’s often cool to the touch when …

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Can You Use A Camping Stove Indoors?

full-sized propane camping stove

There are a few reasons to consider using a camping stove indoors instead of outside while on a camping trip. However, it’s very important to realize that is only safe with certain types of camping stoves and only in well ventilated conditions. In other cases, trying to use one of these indoors could lead to …

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Can You Use Vegetable Oil to Start a Fire?

big bon fire at night

There are many flammable liquids out there that can be highly flammable. Whether or not they should be used to start a fire is another story completely. Vegetable oil is a classic example of a liquid that can go up in flames, but can you start a fire with it? Should you? Vegetable oil should …

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How Long Will Steak Last in a Cooler?

steak cooking on campfire

For all of us there are certain parts of camping that are an absolute highlight. The events, sights, or moments you really look forward to. Cooking over a campfire has always been one of my favorite parts of outdoor living. Steak night has always been a favorite from my time scouting to enjoying seasoned fire-kissed …

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