Can You Spray Paint a Canvas Tent?

cans of spray paint

Canvas tents show up really plain because the focus is on the thick hard material and not designs. Not everyone wants a plain tent, and let’s face it, thick cotton fabric isn’t the most stylish camping option. You can use spray paint on a canvas tent, though it’s not the best solution most of the …

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Can 550 Paracord Really Hold 550 Lbs?

paracord bracelet

One of the common misconceptions we run into a lot is how the weight standards work with parachute cord (paracord). This leads to questions like “Can 550 paracord hold 550 lbs in a camping hammock?” The short answer is maybe for a short time, but you’re living on borrowed time at that point. 550 paracord …

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Can You Dye a Tent?

two tents in a forest

You’re looking for new camping gear, there’s a big sale, so you leap on a tent that’s 75% off. While you generally don’t care about most colors…the lime green abomination is atrocious. The natural question leaps to the top of your mind: can you dye a tent? In all likelihood there’s some bad news here. …

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What Is the Best Tent Color?

orange, blue, and yellow tents on mountain

What is the best tent color? This seems like a simple question, so it should have a simple answer, right? Well, it actually isn’t that easy a question to answer. Is there a straight general answer to this question, or is it situational? Maybe when camping tent color doesn’t matter at all? Generally speaking, the …

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