Will Climbing a Tree with Spikes on Kill It?

climbing tree with tree spikes

Climbing a tree is something that is surprisingly common depending on the job, situation, or circumstances. Tree spikes are a fairly common piece of equipment that are often seen when being used to climb trees, but that brings up a good question: will climbing a tree with spikes on kill it? In general, using tree …

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Best Recurve Bow Silencers

Wood Recurve Hunting Bow

Unless you’ve really gotten into hunting or shooting with a recurve bow you probably haven’t heard of these. Yet a recurve bow silencer is an interesting little tool that can reduce sound by an enormous amount. Very important if you’re forced to take a long shot on some very fast prey. People love to bow …

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We Know the Outdoors

creek in woods iowa forest

Hey all! Welcome to the website! I find the introduction blog post the hardest. You know it’s the post virtually no one will ever read, yet you’re expected to put down something smart, clever, funny. You’re selling the vision of what’s to come since this is the first post, by definition you’re not actually selling …

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