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Hey all! Welcome to the website! I find the introduction blog post the hardest. You know it’s the post virtually no one will ever read, yet you’re expected to put down something smart, clever, funny. You’re selling the vision of what’s to come since this is the first post, by definition you’re not actually selling anything yet.

Northeast Iowa is an incredibly beautiful place.

My brother and I have always been huge fans of the Great Outdoors. Our dad is a lifelong hunter, camper, and fisherman (triple down on that last one). We were raised camping all the time in one of the best Boy Scout troops ever (Troop 81 Belle Plaine, IA – LEGENDS!), and trips to isolated fishing resorts on lonely Canadian lakes, weeks-long camping trips exploring the Midwest, and exploring the woods by ourselves were just a part of growing up.

Nobody was surprised when I celebrated the end of college by moving to Alaska for four years.

Main point is: we’re passionate about the great outdoors.

I will be doing most of the writing here starting out, but you can expect at some point to see my brother, my friends, other outdoor enthusiasts popping in and sharing their wisdom on all kinds of topics.

I’m hoping to bring information on a wide array of topics and outdoor-related activities. Less gear reviews, no thin affiliate content (not to say I won’t do an in-depth review with an affiliate link, but I hate that barely re-written company copy that tells you basically nothing), a lot more on answering questions, doing deep dives into topics, and answering common and uncommon questions.

So even though we’re starting off where every beginning blog does: at the empty beginning, we really look forward to bringing you a wide array of awesome articles on all kinds of various outdoor topics.

From cooking on a campfire, to surviving in the world, to camping, fishing, hiking, biking, hunting, and everything in between – we look forward to many more great articles in the days ahead.

Thanks for reading!

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of our early favorites:

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