How Dangerous Are Copperheads Really?

coiled copperhead snake

The copperhead is one of the more interesting venomous snakes in the United States, and one that comes with a lot of questions. One of the major questions is just how dangerous are they? And unfortunately, that is a rather complicated question. Copperheads are quite dangerous as they are responsible for the far majority of …

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7 Snake Bite Treatment Myths Debunked

rattlesnake pencil sketching

There are many different beliefs when it comes to treating a venomous snake bite. The problem is when it comes to first aid I don’t want belief, I want accurate information and training on how to treat an injury or try to save a life. Unfortunately there are many harmful myths that exist around how …

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How to Survive a Bear Attack: What You Need to Know

roaring grizzly

One of the most important things you can do when hiking bear country is to be prepared and be aware. While the overwhelming majority of bears don’t want anything to do with people, there are bear attack incidents every year. Understanding how to handle yourself if you’re in this unlucky situation can be the difference …

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What Is the Best All Around Fly Rod Weight?

fly fishing rod on dock

If you’re new to fly fishing, you’re probably overwhelmed with the details. Most people think fishing is an easy mission. You merely carry your rod, your bait, and you hit the water looking for some fish. When you get closer to the real thing, you understand why that’s a wrong assumption. There are a lot …

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How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping: 10 Helpful Tips

portable generator at campsite

Feeling excited about your upcoming camping getaway? This is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from everyday stress, reconnect with nature, bond with your friends, and actually learn to enjoy the current moment, away from all the obligations that constantly bug you. While camping represents a chance to ditch technology, there are many benefits that come …

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Why Do Fly Reels Clack?

fly fishing reel up close

When you imagine fly fishing, you probably think of a person wading into shallow water, casting a line way out, waiting, and then finally that sweet clicking sound as they bring in a fish. But what is that clicking sound and why is it so ubiquitous to fly fishing? The “click” on a fly reel …

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What Are Colored Flashlight Lenses Used for?

blue flashlight in woods at night

While most people just use a regular flashlight without filters, there are specific situations where it makes more sense to have a colored filter or lens to change the color of the light. Blue flashlight lenses and red flashlight lenses are the most common, but green is also sometimes used. Colored flashlight lenses are used …

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