15 Outdoor Myths That Need to Die

Outdoor Camping Setup

There’s a lot of wisdom to be found from the old hands who have spent decades hitting the local fishing holes, wandering through the woods, and surviving off the land. If someone who walked into the Alaska woods with nothing but a backpack walked out 30 years later talking about his cabin 20 miles into …

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How Deadly Are Black Widow Spiders?

black widow spider

The black widow spider has certainly gained a reputation for being both elegant and deadly. To the point they are one of the few feared spiders in North America, and have caught imagination as they are found on every continent except Antarctica. These beautiful but “deadly” spiders have been the inspiration for multiple works of …

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Does Expired Bear Spray Work?

park ranger using bear spray

Seeing expiration dates on things like a gallon of milk or package of hamburger makes sense but why would bear spray or other outdoor gear have an expiration date? Most important, for something like bear spray does it still work after that expiration date? Considering that this is used to defend against a potentially life-threatening …

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Is it Safe to Start a Fire with Gasoline?

big bon fire at night

The joke that was already decades old by the time I hit my early camping years in the late 1980s/early 1990s was when it doubt, use “Scout Water” to get that fire going. Scout Water was, of course, gasoline, and yeah, that’s one way to start a bon fire. But is it really a safe …

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Is it Illegal to Start a Fire with Gasoline?

red metal gas can

Starting a fire with gasoline…it’s a life choice we don’t recommend. Obvious safety concerns aside, is it actually legal, though? This is a question that is generally fairly easy to answer but there are some important considerations to get the answer you want. Generally it is not illegal to start a fire with gasoline, assuming …

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Can Bear Spray Kill a Human?

NPS ranger using bear spray shadow

We already looked at whether or not you can safely use expired bear spray, but that’s not the only safety question that focuses around bear spray and its use. Since this aerosol is used to chase off even the biggest of bears, could it actually kill a person? While very painful, bear spray cannot kill …

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How Dangerous Are Brown Recluse Spiders?

brown recluse on denim jeans

If you live in North America there aren’t too many spiders that worry you. The United States isn’t Australia, which means even the “most dangerous” spiders in North America won’t make a blip on the radar as the more exotic spiders in areas like the Land Down Under. The brown recluse spider has a reputation …

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How Hot Is Too Hot to Camp?

dead tree in desert

Having spent many many months of my life camping when temperatures decided to slam into the mid to high 90’s, camping in hot weather is no stranger to me. Add in daily hikes in Austin Texas for two years where the mercury could climb into the triple digits pretty easily (and early) in summer and …

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Can You Use Vegetable Oil to Start a Fire?

big bon fire at night

There are many flammable liquids out there that can be highly flammable. Whether or not they should be used to start a fire is another story completely. Vegetable oil is a classic example of a liquid that can go up in flames, but can you start a fire with it? Should you? Vegetable oil should …

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Can Denim Jeans Stop a Rattlesnake Bite?

denim blue jeans

There’s a reason that rattlesnake bites are taken so seriously. While very few people in the United States die from a snake bite that is due far more to amazing advancements in medicine and the habit of quickly and fully treating snake bite victims as quickly as possible as opposed to snake bites not being …

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