How to Start a Bonfire without Gas

bonfire by lake at night

Look I understand the temptation to start a bonfire with gas. Gasoline is flammable, it lets you off the hook for setting up a perfect burn pile, it gets a bonfire party started quickly. It’s also a horrificly bad idea. You don’t need to be a survival genius to learn how to start a bonfire …

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How Long Will Steak Last in a Cooler?

steak cooking on campfire

For all of us there are certain parts of camping that are an absolute highlight. The events, sights, or moments you really look forward to. Cooking over a campfire has always been one of my favorite parts of outdoor living. Steak night has always been a favorite from my time scouting to enjoying seasoned fire-kissed …

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Can You Dye a Tent?

two tents in a forest

You’re looking for new camping gear, there’s a big sale, so you leap on a tent that’s 75% off. While you generally don’t care about most colors…the lime green abomination is atrocious. The natural question leaps to the top of your mind: can you dye a tent? In all likelihood there’s some bad news here. …

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What Is the Best Tent Color?

orange, blue, and yellow tents on mountain

What is the best tent color? This seems like a simple question, so it should have a simple answer, right? Well, it actually isn’t that easy a question to answer. Is there a straight general answer to this question, or is it situational? Maybe when camping tent color doesn’t matter at all? Generally speaking, the …

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We Know the Outdoors

creek in woods iowa forest

Hey all! Welcome to the website! I find the introduction blog post the hardest. You know it’s the post virtually no one will ever read, yet you’re expected to put down something smart, clever, funny. You’re selling the vision of what’s to come since this is the first post, by definition you’re not actually selling …

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