Do Lake Trout Feed More at Night?

fisherman holding lake trout

Lake trout have long been a favorite of northern anglers and it only takes one or two experiences to figure out why. There are few freshwater fish that taste delicious, grow to giant sizes in the north, and can therefore put up one heck of a challenge when hooked! Many long-timer anglers talk about hitting …

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How Much Does Paracord Stretch?

paracord bracelet

Parachute cord, or paracord as it is more commonly called, is a useful bit of versatile gear that can be used for a wide array of different things. Since paracord is made under strict military specifications, official sized parachute cord must be capable of stretching 30%. Over extended periods of time under constant stress paracord …

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Can a Windmill Work for an Off the Grid Cabin?

wind turbine on house

Everyone dreams of living that quite, off the grid life but it remains a distant dream for most. It’s not easy. The simple necessities of modern life which we take for granted, especially in cities, quickly emerge as one of the biggest obstacles. One of the most common issues is availability of energy. You can …

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Will Climbing a Tree with Spikes on Kill It?

climbing tree with tree spikes

Climbing a tree is something that is surprisingly common depending on the job, situation, or circumstances. Tree spikes are a fairly common piece of equipment that are often seen when being used to climb trees, but that brings up a good question: will climbing a tree with spikes on kill it? In general, using tree …

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Best Recurve Bow Silencers

Wood Recurve Hunting Bow

Unless you’ve really gotten into hunting or shooting with a recurve bow you probably haven’t heard of these. Yet a recurve bow silencer is an interesting little tool that can reduce sound by an enormous amount. Very important if you’re forced to take a long shot on some very fast prey. People love to bow …

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How to Practice Fly Fishing without Casting

fly fishing shore at sunset

Fly fishing is an incredible way to enjoy the great outdoors while also giving yourself a chance to land a tasty meal. That’s about the definition of a win-win for any enthusiastic angler. While fly fishing is fantastic, it’s also very different from any other type of fishing you probably have experience with. So how …

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How to Start a Bonfire without Gas

bonfire by lake at night

Look I understand the temptation to start a bonfire with gas. Gasoline is flammable, it lets you off the hook for setting up a perfect burn pile, it gets a bonfire party started quickly. It’s also a horrificly bad idea. You don’t need to be a survival genius to learn how to start a bonfire …

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How Long Will Steak Last in a Cooler?

steak cooking on campfire

For all of us there are certain parts of camping that are an absolute highlight. The events, sights, or moments you really look forward to. Cooking over a campfire has always been one of my favorite parts of outdoor living. Steak night has always been a favorite from my time scouting to enjoying seasoned fire-kissed …

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